Customer Loyalty Program

What is Our Customer Loyalty Program?

Yearly HVAC inspections help make sure your units are running efficiently and ensure you don’t have to worry about your furnace or air conditioner breaking down when you need it most. It also helps the overall performance of your HVAC system so it can continue to run longer. Midwest Comfort’s Customer Loyalty Program helps alleviate any stress by sending a Midwest Comfort technician to your home twice a year to work through a comprehensive multiple-point inspection. You will receive priority service, two annual unit inspections (spring and fall) along with many more benefits!

What Makes Up Our Multiple-Point Inspection?

  • Outdoor temperature check
  • Indoor temperature check
  • Compressor test
    • Suction PSI
    • Head PSI
    • Volts amps
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Refrigerant check
  • Fan and motor check
  • Evaporator coil check
  • Inspect and clean condensate areas
  • Clean/replace air filters
  • Refrigerant check
  • Pressure measurements
  • Heating assembly
    • Burner and heat exchanger
    • Fuel supply and pressure
    • Motor and blower amps
    • HSI/spark ignitor
    • Flue pipe conditions
    • Fan and limit switch operation
    • Blower assembly
    • Strip heat amps
    • CO level
    • Flame sense
  • Electrical Components
    • Relays and capacitors
    • Contactors
    • Overload/safeties
    • Press switch
    • Connections/wiring
  • Thermostat check
  • Humidifier service

The Benefits of our Customer Loyalty Program

Priority Service

Our C.L.P. customers will get moved to the top of the list if their equipment breaks down, ensuring your needs are met immediately.

Two Annual Inspections

In both the spring and fall of each year, a Midwest Comfort technician will take the time to inspect your HVAC units before their heavy-use season begins.

We Handle Scheduling

Don’t worry about taking the time to reach out to us for your inspection. We will call you to set up appointments so it’s one less thing you have to worry about!

No Overtime

If your unit breaks down past our business hours, you won’t get charged overtime (not applicable for holidays).

Discount off Parts

Receive special discount pricing on repairs. 


New Customers $170 a year. sign up today!

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If you want to be proactive when it comes to your HVAC units, sign up for our Midwest Comfort Customer Loyalty Program today!

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